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Government Of Assam Welfare of Minorities & Development Assam Minorities Development Board

What We Do

  • Vision

    The vision of the Board is to uplift the Minority Sections of Assam, by empowering them under various schemes for income generation, skill development and self employment.


    The mission of the Board is ‘CHARITABLE’ particularly its main missions are:-

    • To examine the problems of religious minorities in Assam
    • To advise ways and measures for the protection of constitutional rights of the minorities and to apprise the State Government of Assam of their Social, educational and economic conditions
    • To formulate schemes for the rehabilitation and assistance to the minorities and to pursue its implementation.
    • To formulate schemes for advance of education of minorities and to take action for its implementation.
    • To execute plan for the benefit of the minorities and to co-ordinate with the functional institutions for the purpose.
    • To promote employment opportunities among the minorities.
    • To identify the problems of the economic backwardness of the minorities.
    • To draw model plans for investment and production to be under taken by the persons belonging to minorities
    • To evaluate and study the welfare schemes for minorities
    • To execute plans for the benefit of the minorities either directly or through others in coordination with the existing agencies engaged in the field, whether private, public or co-operative.
    • To take up such other activities as may be entrusted by the State Government.

    Acts and Rules Administered by the Deptt.

    The Assam Minorities Dev. Board has Memorandum of Association which has been registered under the Societies Registration Act, 21 of 1860 and the rules are framed there under.