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Government Of Assam Welfare of Minorities & Development Assam Minorities Development Board

Socio-Economic Development Programme

To promote and develop the minority communities, The Assam Minorities Development Board has taken some important schemes for socio-economic development.

Assam Minorities Development Board has distributed some important materials among the minority communities for their income generation to create socio-economic development. The following materials were distributed among the minority communities :-

1. Distribution of Hand Sprayer machine

2. Distribution of Sewing Machine

3. Distribution of Rickshaw

4. Distribution of Bi-cycle with utensil for selling fish.

5. Distribution of 3-wheeler pick-up van

6. Distribution of 3-wheeler auto-rickshaw

7. Distribution of Thela

8. Distribution of Wheel- Chair

9. Distribution of Solar Home Light

10. Distribution of Water Purifier

11. Distribution of 5 HP Pump Set

Livelihood Facilities